5 Reasons You Can't Count the Pacers Out Yet


5 Reasons You Can’t Count the Pacers Out Yet


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There are people like Skip Bayless, who have completely counted the Pacers out of this series after the Game 3 loss in Indiana. There are others who never gave them a chance like, Jeff Van Gundy who said nothing has changed except the Pacers are more short-handed than last year and the Heat are healthier. Clearly ignoring the emergence of Paul George as a superstar, the experience gained by this young group from playing together another year, and the 2-1 edge the Pacers took over the Heat in the regular season. A regular season in which the Heat were arguably the best they have ever been.

You’re insane to think the Pacers are out of this series and I’ll give you 5 reasons why they are still title contenders.

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