Clippers schedule official interview with Lionel Hollins


Clippers schedule official interview with Lionel Hollins



via Sun Herald

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. There is still some debate about whether letting Hollins walk was the right decision. What is not up for debate is that Hollins is a good coach who has consistent winning records. Sure, they struggled against the Spurs, but who doesn’t? Miami itself got thrashed. It is also worth noting that they traded their top scorer (Rudy Gay) in the middle of the season. Compared to the artillery that they faced and beaten (Clippers, Thunder) Hollins actually did better than expected.

per Sun Herald:



The Clippers’ coaching search got derailed for 24 hours Wednesday, but it had nothing to do with rumors of a new top candidate.


The team’s interview with Lionel Hollins was postponed one day because of a meeting of the NBA’s Competition Committee in San Antonio on Wednesday. Hollins is a member of the committee.


The Clippers will meet with Hollins on Thursday in Los Angeles.


Hollins coached the Memphis Grizzlies to the Western Conference finals this season, but philosophical differences between Hollins and the front office led to the team not offering him a new contract.


The timing of the interview’s postponement helped some rumors pick up steam throughout the day. Boston coach Doc Rivers has been non-committal about returning to the Celtics next season while the team decides how to move forward.

The Celtics have flirted with a significant roster overhaul during the past two seasons, and there’s speculation veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett could be moved this summer.