Chris Bosh wants to stay in Miami for the rest of his career


Chris Bosh wants to stay in Miami for the rest of his career



via Sun Sentinel

Florida is an ideal retirement state. The weather is not as harsh for the brittle bones of the senior citizens. There are a lot of beaches and recreational facilities. The state taxes are lower than other states. Miami, Florida’s leading city, has recently become basketball’s Mecca, of sorts. Since Lebron James televised his decision, choosing Miami over New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago and Cleveland (almost forgot about that one) and bringing along Toronto’s top dog Chris Bosh, people kept asking why.

Chris Bosh may provide some answers. As their contracts expire at next season’s end, speculation will again ignite. While sweeping statements like these have been overruled in the past, it is interesting for the rest of the teams..what does Miami have?



per Sun Sentinel:



 Following the Miami Heat’s Wednesday practice at the AT&T Center, center Chris Bosh spoke of a possible change of address in South Florida. Hours later, his wife took to Twitter saying the couple wasn’t going anywhere.



   Earlier, Bosh told the Sun Sentinel he had decided to put his 12,368-square-foot home on North Bay Road on the market, stressing the decision was made with his family in mind, with his wife, Adrienne, expecting the couple’s second child, and not because of concerns about the direction of his playing career.



   “Things change,” he said before the Heat practiced in preparation for Thursday’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals, with the Heat down 2-1 in the best-of-seven series. “It’s looking to see if another spot is open.”



   But on Twitter, Adrienne Bosh posted, “Our house is def not listed. We are in the middle of building a new nursery.”



   Bosh currently is a neighbor of Heat guard Dwyane Wade, with the two frequently spending time together amid this third consecutive run to the league’s championship round, Wade often visiting with Bosh the nights before games.



   Bosh’s home was burglarized in April, with $479,000 worth of watches, rings, purses and cash taken.



   The All-Star center stressed earlier Wednesday that a potential relocation would be a family decision. He has the right to opt out of his Heat contract following next season, and also could be put into play on the trade market because of the Heat’s tenuous position against the NBA’s onerous luxury tax on high team payrolls.



   But he brushed off any impending change of addresses as a basketball-related move.

  “I’m in Miami for the rest of my career,” he told the Sun Sentinel. “I plan to be there. I plan to retire there. I plan to win hopefully a lot more championships there. So that’s where home is.”

  With the Heat in the midst of one of their most uneven stretches of the season, 4-5 in their last nine games, Bosh’s name already has made its way to the rumor mill.

   “You know, man, I don’t care,” he said of the speculation. “At first, I used to care. But that hindered my game. And they’re going to talk about you, anyway. It’s something that you can’t ever overcome. So why should you even try to prove people wrong? I just play the game.”



   Bosh has struggled with his game this postseason, held to 17 points or fewer over the last 12 games, including a four-game stretch at the end of the Eastern Conference finals against the Indiana Pacers when he scored 28 total points.



  “If we win this thing,” he said of his struggles and the Heat’s struggles, “nobody ever remembers anything.”



  Of potentially relocating in South Florida, he said, “We’re just testing things out right now.”